As well as being a Recording Artist/Activist, Shirley Levi is accomplished, self-taught painter who experiments with anything she can get her hands on to make her visions come to life. With comparisons to Monet, Chagall, Jackson Pollack and many others, her paintings are currently in private collections all around the world and are highly regarded as visionary, captivating and thought-provoking. They are breathtaking, spiritual symbolic landscapes of the emotions and spiritual explorations, which she has embarked on throughout her life. Many of her paintings are also visual journeys through her music and lyrics, containing many of the same titles and themes. Shirley Levi paints with spirit and passion in a timeless abstract form, which reflects her journey from the Middle Eastern to the West. Upon closer examination of her art and music, layers of hidden messages are slowly revealed thus broadening their meaning and intentions. No matter which angle Shirley Leviʼs pieces are viewed from, G-D's name can be seen interwoven in every single painting. Visually her paintings are extremely vivid in color, texture and tone and very original in expression. Shirley Levi paints on canvas, wood and glass surfaces using a variety of mixed mediums making her paintings resonate with a unique and rich, three-dimensional look and tone. They are at once modern and ancient, organic and synthetic; A balance of G-D, music, love, torment, determination, nature, culture, the soul, mind and spirit. They are mystical and prophetic, based on her personal dreams, visions, struggles and self-fullfilled prophecies. There are elements of Symbolic Art, Abstract Art, Classical Greek Art, Roman Art, French Impressionism & Expressionism all mixed with the Figurative in a whimsical, childlike furor of emotion.

Because of Shirley Levi's fierce, determined and tireless independent guerilla marketing efforts in promoting her hit songs, creative works and endless activism, her website has grown to over 18,000,000 hits since it first launched in 2007 and she has created a big buzz in LA. In addition, many of her songs have been featured on Indie 103.1 and other indie stations. She is The Most Played Pop Artist on Akon's Hitlab and the 2nd Most Played Artist on Clear Channelʼs iHeartRadio. She has appeared on the Red Carpet at The Rolling Stone Magazine AMA After Party 2012, and been interviewed on Indies in Motion, DC Radio Now, Conversations Magazine, Music & Moxie Magazine, Underground Nation Magazine, Outcry TV, The Examiner, ICAA Radio, Autism America Radio and too many more to mention. Shirley Levi not only writes all her own lyrics and music but she also produces and oversees every facet of production down to the art of mastering. She also writes, produces, directs and edits all her own music videos. Being such a diverse and self-sufficient artist who has really given her a strong voice, helping her to develop a unique style that is all her own. As an Activist, Shirley Levi has dedicated much of her career to her activism with many tv and radio appearance/interviews and performances in support of Autism Awareness and other causes including Telemundo's De Todo Un Poco, Azteca America's Top-Rated Morning Show "Entre Nos". Shirley Levi is also the CEO of her own indie record label Re-Bel Visionary Music & Founder of Music On My Shoulder, a charitable organization dedicated to helping with Autism Awareness, Hunger Relief, Equality For All and many other important causes through her music, art, innovative guerilla videos and endless interviews. Shirley

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"Shirley Levi's paintings transcend the material which she uses to create them and become a completely new medium, which seems to be made of light, spirit and unearthly power. I have never seen an artist create something of such pure magic in my life. Every painting I have ever seen in person, whether it be a Picasso or a Dali, has always remained a painting...But Shirley Levi's work becomes something more to me. Her painting of a heart, for example, stops being a painting of a heart and takes on all the characteristics of an actual working, beating organism. There is life in her work which you can feel moving and breathing and becoming real. I honestly think that her work is pure genius and would give everything to own them all. If you have the opportunity to purchase an original from her, you should do it soon because once word gets out on how truly amazing she is, you won't be able to afford to own her masterpieces."
- SoundWell Magazine


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"Coming soon!! The Vocalist Magazine (WINTER 2014) Featuring: THE RISING STAR - SHIRLEY LEVI" -- The Vocalist Magazine

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Jan. 1st 2014!!!

For the first time ever, Shirley Levi releases spontaneous live recordings of some of her new songs via SoundCloud to her fans!

These are quick, one-take wonders of brand new songs which she will be taking into the studio and producing for her next album in 2014!

All songs (music & lyrics) written, performed & produced by Shirley Levi (Copyright 2013)

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Recording Artist/Activist Shirley Levi's new line of apparel called T-Shirley was launched by popular demand from her fans
who admire her unique personal style & attitude.


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Shirley Levi has donated her piece "Blind Faith" to One Children's Foundation Art Auction @ Lola Mora Gallery. All funds raised at this event will be used to purchase food baskets for children of unemployed parents in the city of Los Angeles.

Shirley Levi also displayed one of her newests pieces "Flight 2010" at Lola Mora Art Gallery's "Equality for All Art Show" to raise awareness of the importance of marriage equality and to encourage others to support the Freedom to Marry.

Lola Mora Gallery is located at 1549 Echo Park Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90026.

Shirley Levi has donated several pieces of her art to help raise funds for Hunger Relief, Equal Rights & AIDS Research and many more specail causes. You can see a few of the pieces which of Shirley Levi's has given to charity on her website Music On My Shoulder!

Shirley has also donated her paintings "Aluminum Nature" to a Gay Rights Fundraiser and "Destruction" to help with AIDS Research.


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All images are copyrgiht 2003-2014 Shirley Levi. Any reproduction without written permission is punishable by law.

video for "Luv is Lonely"

Before "Break Free" was a painting, it was a powerful anthem written & produced by Shirley Levi about her own struggles. Now she uses it to show her support of Equality For All especially the fair treatment of ARTISTS including those with disabilities.

"Stand Up For What You Believe!" - Shirley Levi, "Break Free"
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"HappYness Face" is originally a song written & produced by Shirley Levi for Hunger Relief, from Los Angeles to Africa>>>. Both the painting & song will be dedicated to Shirley Levi's HUNGER PROJECT, which she will launch in 2011 as part of her Music On My Shoulder charity.

Shirley Levi's painting Music On My Shoulder now represents Shirley Levi's nonprofit with the same name.

"I asked Anne Marie to sketch the white dove since she specializes in animal sketches. This painting symbolizes music from G-d which replenishes itself through my spirit and heart. I thought it would be very special to have Anne Marie guest star in this specific painting since she is pure with her intentions and creations like myself. We are both artists. The dove is a symbol for both of us. I wanted to motivate her to believe in her creations and to see it manifested into a beautiful reality." ~ Shirley Levi

"Anne Marie" is a friendshiep ballad written & produced by Shirley Levi which she now dedicates to help with Autism Awareness.

"She's autistic, artistic..." "I see myself in you." ~ Shirley Levi, "Anne Marie"
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